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We are an established, family run business which provides bespoke embroidery and printing services. Our clients range from individuals seeking unique gifts, small businesses wanting branded clothing and signage to national companies seeking marketing materials. Our range of goods is wide and varied – please visit our online store for further information. If you do not see what you are looking for please discuss your requirements with us. Our aim is 100% customer satisfaction. We look forward to working with you.

Joined Creativity

We teamed up with A Cat-Like Curiosity to bring two creative businesses together. Bringing Sarah's art work into the world of appliqueing, this was an exciting project for us and bringing other opportunities forward. See our questions to Sarah to find out more about...
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Have you heard?

Today we paid our affiliates for the first time! Thats right, its marked in history! We may use a lot of !!!! because we are so excited about this opportunity. Have you heard about it? If not then this is a fantastic way for you to earn some extra money each month. We...
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A Foxy Love Story

You will probably think I’m a bit loopy after reading this or perhaps just romantic but no matter which way you look at it- its still a true love story! When I was dating my now other half (Rob) I couldn’t believe how many similarities there were in myself and his...
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love fox

Organisation: Post it notes

Do you have trouble remembering what you need to get done in the week? Or perhaps you end up with a list of tasks not completed at the end of the week? This is a great way to organise your week in a simple way. I feel its great because once you've completed a task you...
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Goal Setting: Post it notes

Are you looking for a simple way to set goals? If you havent completed them you can carry them over? Put your own time frame on them? This is a great way and using post it note, you could even colour coordinate it if you wanted to be super organised. Green for easy...
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